18 thoughts on “MAGGIE SHOWING OFF

      • We get excited when we see an eagle in our area but to have these that close is amazing. The closest we were to one was about 100 feet as we watched it snacking on a rabbit. What a bird and to think you get to photograph them en masse.

      • If you spent a few years getting to know one eagle,It would begin to tryst you & allow you to get closer.I’ve known Maggie 10 years.Her partner “Moe” doesn’t like me at all.The only time I can get shots of him is during mating season when they are both together.

      • Isn’t that something that “Moe” isn’t fond of having you snap pics of him. Well at least you can pic him when he’s enamored by Maggie’s beauty. Be careful out there with those bears.

      • This is interesting. Animals are so wonderful when we make the time to really study them and their ways. Its great because you are and recording their ways for us to see.

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