I have a large airfoil kite that I fly a Canadian flag off of. I got two friends to hang onto it while I walked down the beach to take a shot. A airfoil kite is not only a very stable kite but it can also lift a lot of weight! I’ve thought about lifting one of my cameras up & using the remote to take shots!

True,Canada Day was yesterday but I was too busy to put it up!


10 thoughts on “HAPPY CANADA DAY!

  1. Happy Canada Day!!! Kites and flags – so much saner, safer, and quieter than the fireworks we celebrate with on our Independence Day in the US. It would be nice to see a trend in that direction.

    • I am always worried about Romeo & Juliette during Canada Day fireworks.They set the fireworks off from a barge in the middle of the harbour.The nest is close by.The eaglets must wake up in a panic wondering what that loud noise & bright lights are? I’d love to have a camera on the nest to see how they react!

      • Oh, gosh, that is a shame the fireworks are so close to their nest and I can imagine it must of panicked them. It can panic us!! LOL. Yes, seeing their reaction would be interesting.

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