Both Romeo & Juliette greeted me as per usual tonight.Romeo at first with Juliette following 5 minutes later.We always meet at their rock which I jokingly call their “Throne”.Juliette always has to have the higher perch.Females eagles are much larger than the males & so usually are dominant. I always enjoy meeting with them! I talk to them for awhile & take some pictures.

They had not one but two interlopers tonight! One looked around 4 years old & the other looked 1 or 2 years old.I suspect they both were past years offspring? Both Romeo & Juliette complained loudly! If these two interlopers had not been their offspring they most likely would of been attacked! Both interlopers “inverted” several times exposing those powerful & deadly talons when Romeo or Juliette got too close! Much a do about nothing really.

I saw Juliette heading back over to their nest.I could hear several eaglets squawking for food upon her arrival!


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