I went into Fortune Channel looking for bears.With it being high tide & hot I wasn’t sure any would be out? I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two grazing in a small meadow! I suspect the bear above is a female as she was keeping a eye on the other bear (that I’m guessing was a male?)

Because I found her among some Buttercups,I am going to name her “Buttercup”.She has no distinguishing markings & the tall grass wasn’t any help in that regard. She moved into the shadows,so I moved on to that second bear.I could barely see him through the tall grass but he most certainly was over there! I poled my boat over to get a better look but by that time he had gone back into the forest! I could find him anywhere? The grass had to be 5 feet tall,so I thought he might of laid down & there was no way I was going to walk back there to check,so I just assumed that he had gone into the forest?

The sun went behind Meares island by this time which is always my cue to head back into town for the sunset.Said goodnight & thank you to “Buttercup”.


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