The tide was running strong,so I was drifting fast.I had unknowingly drifted into another eagles territory. Eagles guard their territory like humans guard their properties. They can tell within a meter where their area boundary line is! I think they draw imaginary lines from one island to another?

Maggie came over to me & was greeted by the neighbouring eagle.The ruling eagle will usually fly in behind the interloper & escort it out of it’s territory.If the ruling eagle feels a stronger message needs to be sent, it will get closer.When this happens the interloper will usually invert to use it’s talons as weapons of defence. You can see Maggie inverting & being very vocal about it! Maggie was not injured in the encounter but was forced out of the ruling eagles territory!

I saw her partner “Moe” flying out to aid in her battle.He’s more the strong silent type. These territorial disputes are normally settled without injury.

27 thoughts on “MAGGIE IS ATTACKED!

  1. I didn’t witness the whole thing shown in the photo, but I have seen Great Horned owl pairs in a mating ritual where one inverts in flight and the two fly together, one upright and the other upside down. This reminds me of that.

    1. Yes,it does look the same.The talon joining is a ritual some birds of prey do during mating season. In this situation the talons are used to attack with.They would not join talons & spin but I have seen & heard of them crashing to the ground during these violent encounters!Once the talons are put into the other bird,they cannot retract them.Making flight impossible!

    1. She was poaching in another eagles territory.Eagles guard against any perceived intrusion! Eagles cannot go near their boundaries without being challenged!
      She was fine,just upset.

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