When I went out tonight,I knew there was a very good chance that I wouldn’t find any bears roaming around. The tide was high & it was hot out.The bears come down to the shore during low tide so as to get at the small crabs hiding under the rocks.Bears simply overturn the rocks & suck the scurrying crabs up! They can’t get at the rocks during high tide,so they usually go for a siesta during high tide & wait for the next low. The life of a bear is very dependant upon the tides! Plus with the heat,the bears stay in the coolness of the forest & wait till evening or night to come out.

Having said that,I usually find one or two out grazing on the grass.I went into Fortune Channel tonight looking for my furry friends & didn’t find a one anywhere! I searched for many miles! I turned my boat around & was heading back to Tofino. I had given up searching when I found a bear in the very last spot they normally are found! What a reprieve! Unfortunately my furry friend was in the shadows.I normally refrain from taking pictures of a black bear in the shade,but with him being the only volunteer I took what I was given. Contrast is low & the colours are not as vibrant! Notice how the ears are flipped back? It just means “I see you”.


14 thoughts on “LONELY BRUIN

    • Yes,I prefer that the bear looks straight at me.If you can’t see the eyes,you don’t have a picture.This bruin was surprised that I showed up during salad time I guess.
      Using a longer focal length is a perquisite for wildlife.

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