11 thoughts on “COMMON MERGANSERS

  1. I find it so difficult to get this close to mergansers, and then to have had the fortune to get the males’ crests up, makes this outstanding, Wayne. Perfectly delightful photo.

    • you have to be in a boat to do this.I call it “Boat Curling”.
      When you see them or any other skittish animal,go up wind/tide.Turn around & come in with the wind/tide.Turn the engine off & drift (curl) past them all the while not moving or showing your face.If they see eyes they’ll know your a animal & take off.Use the camera & your hands to block your face from being scene.Shoot as you go by being careful not to move.Stay in the same position for several minutes after passing.Restart the engine & go back to the same spot by doing a wide arc around.Do it again but shave off 10 feet.A true
      Tofino drive by.

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