“Scar” was eating away calmly when he got spooked & took off like a bat out of HELL! He almost skipped across the water like a thrown stone! Than after a few seconds,he was chewing away calmly again! I think he heard something in the forest behind him? The wind was up a bit & the forest does make sounds.


12 thoughts on ““SCAR’S” WATER DANCE

  1. This looks so calm and peaceful. Love how the light in the background sets off the foreground and bear. And you caught a moment of joy jumping through the water. What fun!!

    • “Scar” has always been a little nervous.One second he was munching away happily & the next running like he was being chased! After getting across that shallow neck of water,he started eating again within seconds like nothing had happened! I know it wasn’t me that spooked him but suspect a sound close by in the forest must of?

      • Ah, he sounds like he has good survival instincts then, as if he is on high alert all the time. And good hearing. I didn’t see your note below the photos till just now. He wasn’t playing, he was escaping. And I can see how urgent he looks to get away. Thanks!!

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