I went into Gunner inlet tonight looking for bears.I found this bear almost immediately! I had enough time to take two shots before it walked slowly off into the forest.To say the least,I was very disappointed! I couldn’t figure it out?I hadn’t spooked it….than I heard grunting! I knew instantly that it was a Sow & she was talking to her cub! I could barley see movement in the bush but could still make her out. Than I saw the cub…………….& a second one as well! I couldn’t believe my luck! There was no wind so I could hear everything going on in the bushes.I waited to see if she would introduce me to her cubs? Sure enough,after 10 minutes she came back out with the two cubs trailing behind! Seeing as how I found her in Gunner,I have decided to call her “Gloria” & the cubs “Twiddle Dee” & “Twiddle Dumb”.

I followed them for over a hour & had a grand time! Watching the cubs play was special! Gloria must of already known me,she was fine with me being nearby. “Twiddle Dee” liked to climb rocks & trees,while “Twiddle Dumb” always wanted to follow his/her brother/sister & play fight.

It was one of my more rewarding shoots!


8 thoughts on ““GLORIA”

  1. My goodness, Wayne, I, too, cannot believe your luck. I love this story. that you recognized unusual behavior (so familiar) and waited, and she brought them out to introduce you. This is an amazing story. I see there are more photos of the little ones, I’m off to see your rewards….

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