26 thoughts on “PLAYTIME

      • most animals do not have structured language to communicate with.So they use non-verbal communication.

        You grew up with dogs like me & everyone else. Because you’ve been around dogs for many years,you have subconsciously observed their non-verbal communication. So much so that if you went to a town you’ve never been before & saw a dog that you have never met before,you’d still be able to observe & deduce it’s body language.
        If it put it head down & tail between the legs,you’d stop moving towards it & withdraw your hand.Whereas a dog with a wagging tail,mouth open panting & jumping is very approachable.
        When a bear is disturbed,the first sign is the ears flip backwards. “All” bears do this.It’s how long the ears are flipped back that is the critical element! If the bears ears stay back & he/she keeps walking along the shoreline,it’s saying “I was having a nice day until you came but but I’m not leaving”.Another bear more timid would simply take his/her folded ears off into the forest.They simply leave.
        So If a bear leaves me,how can I take a picture of it. I have observed their behaviour over many years.It behooves me to understand their non-verbal language,or I won’t get any pictures!
        In your situation,there was no warning so the bear was forced to go further.The next level up is mouth chomping & than woofing.If a person hasn’t been able to read those warnings,It may attack.

      • Thanks, Wayne. I wasn’t aware of the ear movement, kind of like a cat warning you off. I grew up near Jasper National Park and developed a strong appreciation for our wildlife. It’s fantastic to see them, but we need to remember they ARE wild :)

  1. I am astounded, Wayne. Now we have playtime, and seeing their little claws and foot pads, and learning how to scratch on the wood. I realize there was a lot going on, but do you remember what the sound was coming from the little guy on the right with his mouth open?

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