I know this is early but I’m going to be away from my computer for 5 days.So I thought I had better post this before I leave.

I originally shot this April 21st. It was my first introduction to the worlds cutest bear cub……”Piglet”!

I knew right there & then that this would make a great Mothers Day card! I was amazed at how human like Peggy was when she was playing with Piglet! I realized that love is not something inherent to Homo Sapiens. I suspect many animals great & small feel profound emotions like this?

I send this out for “all” the Mothers in this world!


23 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

  1. Absolutely precious photos, especially the first one. A real mother bear’s bear hug for her baby, Piglet. I will share this with other mom friends and relatives. Thanks for your thoughtfulness! Have a good 5 days off.

  2. I’d like to think most parents are like Peggy, so in love with their children they’d do anything to protect them. Thanks for sharing this photo, Wayne. Piglet is so precious!

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