“Scar” is a 3 to 4 year old female.She has a very distinctive scar on her right rear end.The only way a bear gets a wound on the rear is when it turns to run……….&  doesn’t run fast enough!

I remember seeing her on the shore last year relaxing & the next running for her life into the forest! She was being chased by another bear that came out of nowhere!

She seems to get picked on…..or bullied…….or is that “bearried”?


6 thoughts on ““SCAR” IS BACK!

  1. Love the top photo and the colors reflected in the water in soft yellow, greens and rose. And the vertical textures, like someone took a paint brush up and down over the surface. The bear is a sharp contrast of black against the soft colors of the water. A feast for the eyes.

    • yes,good eye Marilyn! Chester was walking along the waters edge.I am mindful of that spot.The problem with getting shots like this is that I have to beach the boat & try to sneak up on the bear.

      • Sneak up on a bear? That sound a little dangerous, but I’m sure you are careful and you do have a zoom lens. Hopefully, you could beat it back to your boat before a bear could get to you.

      • Bears do not attack as often as you might think.The worst that would happen is they’d run off into the forest.When I was walking back to my boat,Chester did see me & yes he did run into the forest.But Crystal did stay put,so he came back out a few minutes later.

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