20 thoughts on “SUNSET SURF

  1. WOW!!! Absolutely amazing. Especially the third landscape photo. You’ve captured another color – grey tones. And the mirrored reflections in the sand look like a miracle of nature. Thanks for capturing this beauty and sharing it.

      1. Whether you are in the boat or on the beach, you manage to find great color and subjects for your photos! What an incredible place Tofino must be and I had never heard of it until I found your photography.

  2. Well, if you couldn’t get on the water, this was a pretty good next best thing! Beautiful photographs once again, and what a beautiful time of day and place you captured.
    Thanks, Wayne!

  3. Stunning! I was watching the news last night and thought of you (No, they weren’t arresting anybody, lol) they’re considering surfing as a sport for the Olympics and there are a couple of hopefuls in Tofino! You have a bit of the best of everything over there :)

  4. The glistening silvery sheen on the beach offsets the streaming sunbeams behind the clouds! Adding water boarding and kite and dog enthusiasts to the background brings a sense of peaceful blissfulness to the end of their day! Glowing Photography, full of light!

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