I was surprised to see “Peggy” out standing on a limb & doing nothing.When I got closer & shut the engine off,I understood why…….I could hear “Piglet” crying away! I couldn’t see “Piglet” but could tell he was up a tree.”Peggy” wanted to go down to the waters edge to eat some barnacles but was hesitant to leave her baby crying so much.It’s “Peggy’s” first cub so she’s  overly protective.She doesn’t realize that all cubs cry constantly for several months. “Piglet” changed his crying pitch to a more serious tone & that brought “Peggy” to the base of the tree immediately! When Sows are concerned or worried they do these little grunting noises to reassure. Soon after “Piglet” fell quiet.

“Peggy” finally had some time to go down to the shore & eat those barnacles!


6 thoughts on ““PEGGY” POSING

  1. Makes me think of a friend of my mother’s. She was so concerned about her first child that the pediatrician recognized her voice on the phone (way before caller ID)

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