After I left “Peggy” & “Piglet”,I headed south along the shore line looking for other bears.I saw a small bear all by it’s lonesome! (must of been a yearling) I slowed down & pulled the engine up.I knew they were rocks in this area & didn’t want to hit the prop. While I was paying attention to the engine,the small bear must of seen me moving & been spooked,because when I next looked towards the shore again……..I couldn’t find it anywhere? It happens sometimes…….

I stood up to begin paddling back out.I was only in 4 feet of water. When I stood up there was a sudden & violent upwelling of water to my right! Unbeknownst to me,a Harbour Seal had come to check me out & was only a few feet under me! When I stood up I spooked it.They are such curious creatures at times!


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