I was travelling in Fortune Channel when I saw a bear at a distance.I grabbed my binocs for a closer look.I saw a bear running along the shore! I wondered what it was running from?I looked behind & saw another bear! It would appear that there was a chase going on. By the time I arrived,It was all over.

I shut the engine off & could hear both bears crashing through the bush.The bear being chased poked his head out down the beach. The bear that was the chaser had disappeared.

The chased bear looked like a 3 to 4 year old female?

By this time the light had been snuffed by clouds. I followed this bear for awhile.She seemed to really like the barnacles!


22 thoughts on “RUNAWAY

  1. These photos are utter bliss, Wayne. I love the luster of the beast in the bear-and-crow photo. And the details in the photos to follow, stepping over the log, his (or her) tongue, the grass in his mouth, and then finally, that close-up…of a bear! Truly a joy here.

  2. This bear looks very black, perhaps because of the daylight? If only they were cuddly, like a teddy bear, but they’re not. Only cute from a distance.

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