I originally thought this was “Arrow” but have changed my mind! If you look closely at the second last shot you’ll see scaring around the throat.Or at least it looks like scaring to me? When a bear is attacked & wounded,the wounds will heal but hair will not grow in that spot again.Leaving a telltale scar. Btw,how it survived such terrible wounds to the throat region is amazing!

So this is not “Arrow” after all, but a new bear. I already have named a bear “Scar” but she is much younger & a female.So I’m going to call this older male bear “Scar” as well.

I had a few seconds of him in great light (first shot) but he walked into the shade. I saw where he was walking & knew he’d have to cross the creek using the log.So I went down to the creek & waited for him.He took his sweet time too I might add.Plus this spot is in (you guessed it) the shade! Had to put my ISO up to 1600!

After I got the creek shot,I had to leave.Time was getting tight.It was still 45 minutes back to town & I wanted to be back for sunset with Romeo/Juliette.

Was a good shoot today!

Update (April 18th) – A friend believes these are not wounds but simply fur folding lines.When a animal gets large,the fat layer will fold over causing the fur to fold over as well. I’ve seen that before but those lines are always horizontal not vertical.

I need to get a closer shot of him in good light.


16 thoughts on “NEW BEAR! “SCAR”

  1. Fantastic photos, as always, Wayne. That second one gave me a start, Arrow’s nostrils look flared. And that last one is wonderful, action-filled, and amazing to see him balance his huge body on that bridge.

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