When the Bears wake up in the Spring,the first thing they eat is the fresh Spring grass.It gets their digestive system back on line.Once they do a few weeks of that,they can move up to richer foods like Crab.Thats what this bear was doing.It was overturning the rocks to get at the crab.So this bear must of been up for several weeks already?


6 thoughts on “CRAB DINNER

    • yes,I was surprised to see it eating the crabs so early after waking up.Their digestive system cannot handle the rich meat very well & usually eat grass for the first few weeks.It might of woke up awhile ago?

  1. ohh well, your pictures are smashing. You must be having a good camera with pristine lenses to have gotten that kind of beautiful pictures of nature. I love the picture of the bear, they are cute animals. Well done. Thank you for posting them.

    • to take a great shot one needs only to be at the right place at the right time.Having an expensive camera is not necessary. I have mediocre equipment at best & can only dream of having excellent equipment.

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