I came across this eagle lunching away on shore.I was curious who he had invited to lunch? The male eagle flew off to a close by tree & waited for me to leave.(I do not know this eagle)

I had to look this up so am not sure of my conclusion,but I think this may be a

“Starry Flounder” ?

When Eagles & Bears catch a fish they seem to like eating the brains first……….like Zombies! The poor thing was still alive,so I dispatched it.

I added the coin for sizing.

The thing I don’t understand is that this fish usually stays on the bottom.So how did this eagle get at it? (I hope Eagles aren’t using snorkels now?) It was low tide at the time so maybe it was in the shallows?

Update – I originally thought this eagle was a male but now that I look more closely at him I’m changing my mind & saying that he is a she.

The head is too small for a female I thought but when I zoomed in to look closer I realized that the head is completely wet.Making the head appear smaller.Not just the head but the entire body! That can mean only one thing……..this female eagle must of seen the “Starry Flounder” in water deep enough to go for a dive/swim.

When a eagle goes into the water,they become much heavier from the prey weights &  the waters weight.So they cannot take to the air.Instead they do the breast stroke to shore. She must of dragged the flounder up onto the rocks.

Would of loved to see this battle!



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