17 thoughts on ““DIAMOND”

      1. Yes, it would be wonderful to know if she has cubs. She certainly looks very healthy for just coming out of hibernation, must be lots to eat for her around there.

  1. I love how you captured the luster of her fur, and the very large paw in the second photo. And that third photo, with the deep red eyes, flared nostrils, you captured the pure beast in her. Astounding.

    1. Thank you for that generous compliment Jet but to be honest,I simply hung around with Diamond taking advantage of what she did & where she went.Because she knows me,she allowed me to walk near her.I beach the boat,get out & wade in the shallows beside her.She feels comfortable at 30 feet or so.So I walk through the shallows shooting her like a fashion model gong down the runway!
      thank you dropping in! Always great to hear from you!

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