This was originally shot on June 23rd,2013.
A small pod of Orca’s came into Tofino inlet looking for a snack.
Whenever a pod comes into a area,they make their presence known by announcing themselves.They make certain sounds that are very recognizable to all listening! Everyone in the neighbourhood knows exactly who they are & what they want! So everyone swims away & hides.Usually in beds of seaweed.
Once the pod announces themselves,they fall silent.They move into each bay checking the seaweed beds for hiding prey.Once supper is found,it’ll try to make a run for it.Sometimes they get away……..& sometimes they do not.
This video shows the pod catching & killing a harbour seal in Rankin cove. Watch for a few of the blows to turn from white to a weak red colour!
After making the kill,the large male decides to come over to me for a visit.
He catches me off guard.I had my large lens on & needed my smaller one.You can hear me cursing when I realized that.

I think I know why he came over to check me out btw.I wear a pair of large headphones.I like listening to my music.I took it off & placed it on the hard floor of my boat.I left the music playing.I suspect he heard the music playing & came over to find out what it was?
When he surfaced directly in front of me,he slowly rolled over onto his left side & glided slowly under my boat.I’ll always remember that large questioning eye looking up at me!
The video is 33 minutes long.I wear the Go Pro on my head so that my hands are free.

I apologize for not editing the video to make it shorter.This is the raw footage.
I would suggest going ahead to the 23 minute mark.Thats when we arrived in Rankin cove & the fun begins.


    1. I was in no danger. The intelligence of Orca’s is just as high as humans.They are mindful,gregarious & intelligent creatures.He wanted to know what that sound was? (my music)So I guess you can throw in “curious” as well!

  1. Appropriately named title of your post for a once in a lifetime Orca “meet and greet” thrilling experience! The whale did seem insistent on introducing himself to you, beyond the missed lenses change, you were definitely in a precarious situation to be certain! Thankfully he just swam over to say hello. Be safe out there and thanks for the powerfully sensational video!

    1. Orca’s are basically always on the move! They are not here……..than they are here………than they are gone for months.To spend a few seconds with such a beautiful creature will last me a lifetime!

    1. Thank you for reblogging.On a side note…..Orca’s are very gentle creatures.As a rule of thumb,I have found the larger a animal is……the more gentle it is.
      Which explains small dogs! :)

      1. So glad to hear that, because from the video he swam around, beside and underneath you! Because they are mammals, we share that wavelength with them, and which is what this one picked up on, (it was it your music, one can’t be too sure). So glad to share it with others!

  2. Maybe carry another camera in the boat for closeups? That must have been a frightening few moments for you on top of not being able to photograph what was happening. If it was the music that attracted him, maybe try it again? Or not. Just be safe out there.

    1. Whenever I go out by myself into the wilds of Tofino,It is dangerous.Being around Orca’s was exciting & never dangerous.If I had dove into the water in front of him,he would of most likely just circled around me to check me out. They do not mean harm,which is why he turned onto his left side…….so that his tall dorsal fin would not hit my boat.They are very mindful creatures Marilyn.
      & yes,I do now carry a second camera with a shorter focal length lens on it.

      1. Glad you were not in danger being around the Orcas. And also glad you carry a second camera now to capture more of nature’s amazing moments up close. I’m sure you must be taking your chances going out into the wild, but it also sounds like you are cautious and careful. All to our good fortune to see your wonderful photos.

      2. I should be out at my cabin right now enjoying the wilds of Tofino but the wind is up & it’s also raining.I cancelled my trip & will wait for better weather.
        So I try to plan firstly & than after getting out take precautions accordingly.
        My life is more important to me than a picture,so I am constantly balancing.

    1. To be honest I can’t remember what I was thinking exactly? It all kind of happened fast.I know what I felt like after………..scared & exhilarated in the same breath.WOuld of been interesting for someone to be close enough to video tape my reaction.I know I swore when I realized I couldn’t take anymore pictures! The minimum focus for that lens is 16 feet I believe.Once he got close I didn’t have a hope in hell in getting anymore shots.But I did have enough foresight to have the Go Pro running!
      Glad you enjoyed in Tina & thanks for popping in for a peek.

  3. A new favorite post Wayne. Loved spending time with you on the boat, next best thing to being there. I chuckled when you cursed, I understood your angst. The cove was so calm, I assume it was morning. That is quite the lens, must get heavy eh? I enjoyed the story behind the pictures and really liked the video. Best part of my morning.

  4. That was an amazing afternoon you had Wayne – my heart was in my mouth as he surfaced right in front of the boat. A little too close for comfort, but what an up-close view that you had! Were the two boats fishermen or photographers and did they stop to watch the Orcas diving and swimmng so close to them?

    1. what you don’t know is that he had just ripped apart a Harbour Seal! Than he came straight over to me. I know he wouldn’t of hurt me but I found the energy just too much. I always pride myself on being able to remove myself from the immediate energy. That way I can think accurately and quickly! Training the mind to stay calm and think quickly is what its all about but when he came right to me, I must admit I lost my concentration.

      1. Well that would sure classify as an OMG moment – I’d be terrified and can see how you lost your concentration. You didn’t want to be the main entree after his Harbor Seal appetizer.

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