19 thoughts on “SUNSET JEWELS

      1. Oh well, he can share it with Juliette then! Romeo’s extra busy now taking care of Juliette since she’s got the eggs to incubate, he must get tired! Once the eaglets arrive, they both can hunt for food to feed them again.

      2. Juliette is into poetry,but she can’t read.I will have to read it to her next time she comes over for a visit……which might be awhile now that she has her wings full!

    1. thank you.I search for the best light each night.Sometimes it happens,sometimes it doesn’t.I should get a monthly stipend for advertising Tofino’s beauty to the world.I’m sure some people must come to see.

    1. No,I do not show my shots anywhere except here.Being in Tofino isolates me.If I were to showcase them somewhere else,I would have to travel there.I not only do not own a car but do not want to go to a city or leave Tofino.My energies are rooted here. I appreciate your flattering compliment however!

  1. Great title – “Sunset Jewels”. You do capture precious moments in birds and nature. I like the third one best for the almost mauve color reflected in the calm water and the last photo of eagle against an orange setting sun – very majestic and regal.

    1. thank you for such a nice compliment.My animal friends help me tremendously! Romeo is the one in all the shots,with Juliette being with him in the first.He’s tail skimming in the mauve shot.They use their tail feathers like a toboggan sometimes.Yes,my eagle friends are very majestic! I can almost feel that when I get close to them!

      1. Oh, I should have known that it was Romeo and Juliette. Tail feathers like a toboggan – interesting. I’ll bet you could write a book on all their different maneuvers, along with photos to explain the words. You seem to be gaining a lot of knowledge with this particular group of birds and your photographs and experiences.

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