We had 4 hours of sunshine today. I had been watching the next Frontal system moving in on the satellite site. So I knew the sunset was snuffed. No point in going out in my boat or out to the beach.So I rode down the road to see if either Ernie or Ethel was hanging around on their Strawberry island perch? Sure enough,one of them was!


17 thoughts on “LOFTY PERCH

  1. Looks like that bird found the highest perch possible and is ruling its world from there. You have captured a magnificent bird and a breathtaking backdrop. Yes, very inspiring for an artist to attempt to paint your photos on canvas. It would be cool to see the results.

      • I would think a painter could not make any improvements on your photos, but your photos could give them good subject matter to paint from. If I think of or find anyone that could do them justice, of course, I will send them your way.

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