14 thoughts on “SLAMMING THE BRAKES ON!

    • I use a short focal length (28-105mm) in order to increase my chance of getting them in focus. Shorter focal lengths as you know have greater depths of field making it far more likely that your subject will be captured in focus & with eagles moving extremely fast,the odds that your going to get them in focus is against you! The problem with using a shorter length of focus is that the subject will appear further away.So one must get to “know” your subject so they feel comfortable in coming closer!

    • Good question.They live anywhere from 20 to 30 years in the wild but can live much longer in Zoos.(40-50?)
      As far as their talons go,they are like your finger nails.Made of the same stuff (keratin) & stay with them for life. If one was ripped out,it’s not growing back.Just like our finger nails.

      • Thanks a lot, my friend. Two other questions that come to mind are (1) What is the name for male Eagles? (2) Do they get competition from other male Eagles? In the case of Ruddy Ducks, the Drake is always chasing its competition because the hen does not descriminate.

      • I’ve never heard of a male eagle being called anything? Like a male Turkey is called a “Tom”,but male Eagles have no distinction. Yes,eagles (both male & female) are constantly keeping the wolves at bay when it comes to other eagles invading their territory!
        Maggie was chasing me the other day after I finished my visit with her.She does that sometimes.I stopped the boat to see what she wanted? She suddenly changed her mind & turned back.I wondered why & than saw two other eagles flying out to intercept her! She had chased me into another eagles territory. Thats a big NO NO when it comes to eagles.They are very territorial!

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