If you assume 81 years as being the average life expectance (Canada) & obviously with there being 365 days in each year (ignoring leap years of course because we’re just doing a rough calculation here)…than that means each person would of lived 29,565 days.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve realized something about light.If you could photograph the same object each day for 29,565 days you would notice that each photograph,each days light, is unique & always different. True,some days might look the same but I think there would still be differences.

I’ve photographed this exact angle thousands of times.You can click onto the “Lennard Island Lighthouse” category & find hundreds of shots taken from this spot. You’ll find each one different even though the subject is the same.Because of the clouds,the light,the waves etc,each shot is different. Like a finger print,each days light is unique.

13 thoughts on “SUNSET STORM

  1. I like this shot – and I think if you went back each day, even at the same time, you’re right – it would be different each shot. Wouldn’t be too bad, would it, enjoying this scene 25 000 times or more?!
    Thanks Wayne, and enjoy your weekend!

      1. we celebrate our birthdays each year……so I think we should also celebrate our day milestones! Say every one thousand days (3 years roughly).With even bigger celebrations for the 5,10,15,20,25 & 30,000 mark.
        Figure out how many days you’ve been walking around & celebrate!

      2. I like that idea – celebrate the 1000s in days and ignore the years (not a huge fan of birthdays, and especially the ones ending in a zero!)
        I’m an eternal child, or teenager, on the inside…

  2. Indeed, “Like a finger print, each day’s light is unique”. I love going out to the lighthouse in my area and each time I find something to photograph even though I have photographed it over and over again…

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