Today is “Groundhog Day”.We make Groundhog Day into such a elaborate festival. We  bother some poor old groundhog who only wants to crawl away somewhere quiet.I’ve even heard of a few expressing their gratitude by biting a few fingers & ears.

Forget about Groundhogs, if your really wanting to know how much Winter is left on the ticket,the animal you want are Trumpeter Swans!

They hang around here in quiet bays all Winter.Than they all seem to get a signal from somewhere & all take off around the same time.

I went out today with the intention of trying to find them? I noticed a few days before that I hadn’t seen the Swans in their usual spots? Well,it appears that they’ve all flown the coup!  That can mean only one thing …………WInter is on it’s way out!

The Swans can instinctively feel things that we humans cannot perceive.Actually…….when I think about it,we’re just about the only animal I know of that cannot feel the season changes.Sure,we can see the leafs changing & feel the cold setting in,but we cannot feel these things in advance.

So,forget about “Puxatony Phil’s” prediction about another 6 weeks…….the Tofino Trumpeter Swans all say that Winter will soon be over!

UPDATE: Mother Nature has thrown a wrench into the works……….It’s snowing in Tofino this morning!


11 thoughts on “MARBLED MURRELET

  1. More snow for you? Old Man Winter doesn’t want to let go! Perhaps it will be his last gasp…hopefully!
    Clouds and rain here, but freezing rain / sleet in Seattle – the coast definitely stays more temperate and regulated.

  2. Wayne, I’ve just caught up with your latest set – another beautiful collection, so thank you for that! Snowing in Tofino? Nature has a fickle sense of humour. Just when you make a confident prediction…
    It’s snowing here in Field, but we want that!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Field? Nothing there but a train station? You must be out in one the remote cabins. Snow just about all gone down here but further up theres lots! Get lots of shoeing in! I’ll have to show you how to make a snowshoe harness out of lamp wick one day.Good to know cause the buggers always seem to break furtherest from camp!

      On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Welcome to Tofino Photography wrote:


      • Field is pretty quiet – except when the trains roll through, but I like that sound!
        We’re staying in a friend’s cabin at the top of the town, and hoping to snowshoe a trail or two straight out the door. Delicate flower that I am just now, it’ll all be dependent on my back…Oh yes, poor me, “stuck” in Field with books, beer, and a sore back, haha!
        Will you hike up to the snow, break out the snowshoes there?

      • no,but what I would really love to do is to get someone to drop me off at the summit with all my gear.Than snowshoe into “Spire Lake”. I have shots of it on my blog. Sasquatch territory! I was by myself once,hiking out of the valley when I felt something watching me.I didn’t hang around to find out what it was,but I bet it was the big guy! W

        On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 4:40 PM, Welcome to Tofino Photography wrote:


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