I always get a laugh when I see this! This feeder is owned by that Hummingbird on the right ,”Shorty”. I have a seed feeder for the seed birds as well. About the only birds that seem to come to the seed feeder are the “House Finches”.

“Shorty” is the resident Hummer.Him & I get along really well.If I happen to be standing outside beside the feeder,he doesn’t mind coming for a drink only inches from my head.As long as I don’t move,he’ll keep on drinking to his fill.If another Hummer tries to come to “his” feeder,he’ll fly out chirping in protest!

The Finches have started coming over for a drink. Remember that the Finches can only lick at the opening to get the nectar.So I found it amusing when the Finches started encroaching onto “Shorty’s” territory! They’d fly over while he was there drinking & he’d fly away chirping in protest. He has never attempted to get rid of his much larger cousins. He just sits on his perch,watching. He allows them to drink up,& knows they’ll be gone soon enough anyways.

Today was the first time I saw “Shorty” fly over while one of the Finches was there drinking! I think “Shorty” has either gotten use to them or has just plain given in?

I think I need to get one of those Hamster bottles for my Finch friends.I know “Shorty” would agree!



  1. LOL – too funny! My little hummer friend doesn’t have any competition for his feeder, other than two others that buzz by and sneak sips when he isn’t around. The chickadees land on it sometimes, but don’t drink from it – they’re patiently waiting for the towhees to quit hogging the seed-feeder!

  2. My parents in Richmond have been adopted by hummers and sometimes after a cold night the birds get very close to my dad’s head when he comes out in the morning with their food to hang it up on the hook

    • They really do love a warm nectar! Your Father has been around them enough that they have accepted him into their flight zone.They trust him.Your father should be quite happy,it’s a honour to be accepted.

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