The valley in behind is Tranquil.My favourite place to hang out! It was very calm when I took this shot.Notice the Gulls hitchiking on that floating log in behind & yes,it was very cold out.Thats why I was using my balaclava.




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  2. Merry Christmas! I saw really nice eagle here on boxing day but he quickly flew to the top of a tree overlooking Skaha lake. I thought of all the shots of eagles you have and appreciated even better the dedication it takes to get those great photos. All the best of health in 2017, and more beautiful photos of the wonderful outdoors and nature.

    • thank you for the compliment but it’s really very simple….the secret is to get to know them.That eagle flew away because it felt threatened by your presence.I stay at a distance for several months until I feel the animal has gotten use to me.It must invite/allow me into it’s flight zone.If you enter the flight zone before it’s gotten to know you,it’ll just fly off.
      Good health to you & your loved ones!

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