The weather couldn’t be any better today for getting out! Mind you a tad cool for zipping around in my boat!

I was down at the boat shed getting things organized to head when a local Native boat driver told me he had seen a Grey whale hanging around the NE corner of Vargas island! He suspected it might be a female & she could be giving birth? I had already planned to go all the way down Tofino inlet to the very end (Deer Bay) to visit with the local Trumpeters but decided to venture out to Vargas instead to see If I could find this whale?

It was perfect conditions for whale searching! It was calm on the water with no wind.Trying to find a whale isn’t the easiest thing to do.You never know where they are? When they surface,they exhale & breath in.This blowing produces a vapour cloud.If there was even a bit of wind,this vapour cloud would dissipate quickly.Making it hard to spot. But when there is no wind,these blows hang in the air.So If I’m looking somewhere else I can see these blows when I turn to look. I also shut the boat off & stand up.Keeping quiet is another good thing to do.You can hear these blows at a great distance & standing up gives me a better vantage point.

I gave myself 30 minutes time for searching.I did move around a bit to search the entire northern area of Vargas but alas could not find the Grey.

I returned to Tofino to visit with my fine feathered friends Maggie/Moe & Romeo/Juliette! I wished them well for the holidays after taking some great shots!

Merry Christmas to every single one of you! Romeo also says a Merry Christmas as well!

7 thoughts on “THE “NEW WHITE CLIFF”

  1. What a spectacular set all these photographs made! Great to think of you zipping about looking for that whale – another fine Tofino adventure!
    Bringing spare socks next time…
    We both wish you a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Didn’t find that Whale.She gave me the slip I guess.Will keep asking the Native boat taxi drivers about her however.
      Went down the inlet today.Couldn’t go all the way down the inlet like I planned.Ice! Sheet ice has covered the inlet. It’ll melt in a few days I’m sure.
      Merry Christmas & stay warm!

  2. Lovely to see you in action here, Wayne. How fortunate to have a boat in which to zip around the waters. I look forward to the photos when you finally spot the big mama. Merry Christmas, my friend! ♥

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