28 thoughts on “MATING SONG

      1. No, me either. I asked because we saw one flying last week in the snow flurries and instead of their usual soar he was batting his wings and zig-zagging up and down in the air. I was hoping he wasn’t injured :(

      2. remember, many times because of eagles being around humans settlements they can eat something poisonous.When people put rat poison out (brodifacoum) the rats will ingest it & begin to act funny.Rats are very observant creatures normally & are secretive but under the effluence of poison they stagger/walk around in open fields. Making them easy prey for a passing raptor like a Baldie.They’ll dive down & scoop’um up keep as a bunny! Much like dropping a hundred dollar bill in a busy Christmas shopping mall!
        So the rapture will ingest this poisoned rat & in turn die as well.Most rodent pesticides are classified as “second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides”. Basically both the rat & eagle die of hemorrhaging.The blood vessels erupt.
        So If you ever see a rodent,raptor,skunk etc acting strangely,it could be poisoned (or Rabies?)

      3. Aw! I really hope that’s not what happened here :(
        Bad thing is there is no easy solution. The rats are a real menace. As you say, they carry disease, and destroy property (The mechanics found trace of them under the hood of my Mustang!) I can see why people set out poison, it’s just sad when it affects others in the food chain.

    1. & he sings loudly too! Not sure if you’ve ever been close to a Baldie when they decide to sing? The sound seems to go right through you! It’s kind of like them reaching out to touch.It’s a very powerful moment & once experienced….will never be forgotten!

  1. My like didn’t stick, so I’m trying again. This is just deliriously wonderful! Next time, we are going shooting together and I will make sure to plan the time. Happy Holidays talented one!

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