This is Ernie perching upon a tree on Strawberry island.Those mountains are in Strathcona park,22 miles north.

Ethel joins him in the third shot.Ernie was singing a welcoming song for her from above.

I love this kind of light! As you know light is composed of many different colours. This  is the last colour you’ll see at the end of a sunset. However not every sunset will display it.This colour only lasts a very short period of time & also has low contrast making it the most delicate of colours! I search for this colour all the time! I cannot get enough of it because I really do not see it very often & remember that when it does happen,you have to be in the right spot with your equipment handy! No time to run around looking for a great background to take advantage of it……..It only lasts a few minutes!

23 thoughts on “WINTER PERCHING

      1. I believe all animals have a sixth sense.This sense allows them to feel other animals energy fields.That way when they are sleeping at night,they can feel another animal preying upon them.They wake up & flee.The ones who don’t wake up,don’t get a chance to pass on their genes.Making a natural filtration method.Only the strong survive & that doesn’t always mean pure brut force.We as a species use to have this sense as well but over thousands of years our domestic evolution has decreased this sixth sense significantly.Basically……If you don’t use it….you loose it. We still have traces of this sense however.Ever feel someone watching you, only to turn & see someone staring right at you?
        We are the only animal I know who has such a poorly developed sixth sense & It’s basically because we no longer require it. Evolution moves in mysterious ways!

      2. You’re so right about that. I’m an empath, Wayne, and pick up on energy near and far. Like you, I believe all of us have sensing radar, but the vehicle must be kept fine-tuned. I, however, have no choice. My antenna has always been active and is constantly “on.” It’s both challenging and rewarding. I easily can become overwhelmed if I’m caught off-guard and don’t immediately channel the energy. I think it’s the same for critters. They have to learn where the threat originates from before they can settle down. Great conversation, my friend 😊

    1. thank you.I don’t mind waiting from time to time but usually go looking for something already in place. When the sunset is at this stage,one might as well stay put.It’ll be over in a matter of minutes.

  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award – but if your blog is award-free, then you’re under no obligation to participate. I just wanted to show my appreciation for your excellent blog and the awesome photographs! They make me homesick for Alaska, sometimes…in a good way!

  2. These photographs in the rosy light are more extraordinary than your usual extraordinary. Really liked the description of it being the last color, and its rarity. From now on I will be more attentive to this special phenomena, thank you.

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