Whenever I go out to the beach,I’m always mindful of the clouds.I’ve found that a good photograph will almost always have good clouds. I say “almost” because a good photograph needs more than clouds to be successful. A photograph should be layered,so that the eye is baited & drawn in.A photograph that does not invite the eye in,is not successful. To invite the eye in, good bait is required. To bait the eye,there must be a central subject.I like a subject in either the fore or mid-ground position.

If there is no subject in the foreground basically all you have is “wallpaper”.A good background with no subject presented. I often times will find a great background & simply wait for someone or something to walk/fly into my scene.I like to call it “Spider/fly”.I wait for someone to come into my photographic web. I wanted a surfer in this shot but couldn’t find a one about & none were surfing.I sometimes wait for a volunteer  to come out of the water. Not tonight,there wasn’t a single one out there.So I hung around the public pathway waiting for one to show up. Unfortunately none did.

So I ended up with nice looking wallpaper.


9 thoughts on “WALLPAPER

  1. The shimmering water draws my eyes first, then the trees, then the sky…but I understand what you mean by a singular object in the foreground to really capture the scene and make it complete. Essentially, making it 3-D instead of 2-D, I think?

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