The reason why I say showing off is because two boats of tourists happen to come by just as Maggie & I began our visit.One of the boats had a dog standing on the bow.A well trained dog (Sitka) that didn’t bark at Maggie! I did notice however that she did ward off from coming over once when I was too close to the boat.I moved a tad further away & she came over.She put a show on for the folks at any rate.They seemed underwhelmed to be honest.City folk eh?



    • Oh you just cannot imagine Tina! I ran into one of the boat drivers yesterday & talked about this meeting of the tourists & Maggie.He told me they never even said a thing about it to him later.They just kept quiet & walked away.I’ve been doing my photography for many years now & cannot understand how someone could not be impressed with Nature being so close & beautiful? I think the city has a hold on them much more than they realize?
      Very happy you enjoyed it at least Tina!

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