My furry friends are getting ready to go for their winters sleep. They each have a nice quiet den to go to.Some place thats dry & away from animal trails.

Bears do not hibernate btw.Thats a myth.They go into a state of “Torpor”.It’s a deep sleep but not as deep as hibernation.A animal hibernating will not wake up if you kick them,but a bear will wake up.A bears metabolic state is higher than that of a animal hibernating.The heart rate per minutes is slower with animals hibernating. Bears do wake up (supposedly?) during Winter & walk about but in 30 years ……..I haven’t seen one?So go figure?

I know this particular bear,which is why he allowed me to get close while he was resting.

21 thoughts on “TIME FOR BEDDY BYE

  1. How i wish i was a bear! I could sleep for as long as i wanted without worrying about anything! He is so cute and beautiful. I can only imagine how serene it must be for you. I am glad you are living this life. :-)

      1. I would be so effective at catching fish as “Kermode”. Such a beautiful one. Maybe in next life. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your bewitching stills with us. They are beyond beautiful. And I am so glad to be a part of your community. I wish you only the best.

  2. Particularly enjoyed the final shot – a little snooze in the sun would be rather lovely! Getting grey skies and bits of snow, would much rather have real onset of winter than this in between weather…

  3. I know the post is about hibernation, but when I saw these photos, I was struck by how much he reminded me of kids playing on a log. Mine wouldn’t exactly snuggle up for a nap like that, but like the bear, they could play on a log like this for hours. :)

    1. Hi Tania – True,this post is about bears sleeping,but not hibernating.Bears do not hibernate & this series of shots is about one of my furry friends taking a nap during the day.A bear would never ever go into it’s winter sleep out in the open like this.Bears go into a state of”Torpor” rather than a state of hibernation.The main difference is that hibernation is a deeper sleep.The heart rate is slower,the body temperature drops lower & they can’t wake up if you were to disturb them.A bear can wake up if you disturbed it.
      Bear cubs do act like children!

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