The “Anna’s” Hummingbirds are arriving for the winter. I recognized one that arrived yesterday.He likes to perch on my bike mirror.He’s also familiar with me.He doesn’t take off If I approach the sliding door. I call him “Shorty” because he looks smaller than normal.I’ve found when they are very relaxed with their surroundings,they relax their spines & so slump lower.Blue Herons do the same thing.When the head goes up straight like a periscope,thats when they are very attentive.

It was pouring here today.So “Shorty” likes to perch on my mirror.There is an overhang above,so the rain doesn’t come in.He likes to perch there & stay out of the rain.

He also keeps the other hummers from his food source.He’s staked his territory & is protecting it!

10 thoughts on ““SHORTY’S” BACK!

  1. good to hear that some hummingbirds stay for the winter because I was getting concerned about the ones who are still coming to my feeder, thought they should have left by now.

    1. the Anna’s come for the winter but the Rufous leave.95% are Rufous & only 5% are the Anna’s. For several months after summer I get no hummers at all.The Rufous have left & the Anna’s are flying northward.Funny to think that the Rufous are flying south & the Anna’s are flying northward.There must be a meeting point somewhere & they shake their heads at each other wondering what the others are doing!

  2. Ah, very nice! This answers my question…you get hummers in the winter, too!
    Definitely very territorial – they protect their ground when they stake a claim, LOL

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