11 thoughts on “SPLASHING ABOUT

    1. You need to get to know the eagles first or more importantly,they need to get to know you.It taken me years.
      thanks for commenting David & I hope you find your eagles?You can always come up here & I’ll introduce you?

  1. assuming you used a telephoto lens for these shots, how did you get the flash to capture this so beautifully from a distance? On the other hand, if you were close to the eagle, that is amazing!

    1. Assuming is the key word here Vicki.What makes you think I was using a flash? I do not use a large focal length lens with my eagle friends normally.I use a 28-105mm lens.Much better depth of field! The eagles come in so fast that the focusing is a problem.So having a larger depth of field is very important!I get to know my eagle friends,thats the critical piece of information! I’d never be able to get these shots with a eagle I didn’t already know!
      When I shoot in this spot,I’m facing north.The sun is always setting to the west,left of me.The prevailing breeze always comes from the west.Eagles always fly into the wind to get better control.This spot (only during the summer time) has a dark shadow in the background,but the eagle is in excellent light out front! It makes the eagle stand out much better!
      So I do not use a flash or a telephoto with these shots…….don’t need to.

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