When a salmon comes into a river system,they’re full of energy. After a few weeks their energy levels begin to drop.So instead of being able to swim against the strong river current in the middle,they move closer to the rivers edge to get out of that strong current.The bears are constantly patrolling the rivers edge for these salmon.Ones which have become “tuckered”. When the bear finds one of these salmon,the salmon makes a frantic attempt to escape! Sometimes they escape…………& sometimes they don’t.


14 thoughts on “GOTCHA!

    • Yes,but most of the time they eat leftovers & those fish don’t look too healthy! I see the bears patrolling the stream banks looking down into the water for a dead one thats gotten caught up in some tree roots or other spot where they get snagged.

    • They do prefer the fresh,but generally eat already dead salmon.”Morts”are their staple.They patrol the bank looking for these morts.
      I see them doing a technique I’ve called “racooning”.They spy what they believe to be a mort & begin to paw for it under the water.I’ve seen them stick their head under to get a better look.
      So,seeing them grab a fresh one doesn’t happen as much as them grabbing morts.I’d say a 4 to 1 ratio.About 25% of the time they grab a fresh one.The rest of the time is spent grabbing morts.

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