Seeing a Seal inside the stream was unusual. They normally do not come into the system & If they do come in It’s always during high tide. They wouldn’t be able to get in during low tide. During spawning season,they must come in,grab a salmon & head out.They’d never eat it on shore! A Bear would love to grab one of these guys! So Mr.Seal grabs & runs.


14 thoughts on “STALKING ME

    • I don’t see many of these guys coming up river & when they do it’s always during high tide.Any smart bear knows the best time to grab a salmon is during low tide & there is no way a smart seal would ever come into a river system at low tide. Besides,they couldn’t get in even if they wanted to………the water is too low & that makes them vulnerable.A bear would love to get his paws on a seal!
      thank you for following & commenting!

  1. this is an interesting shot.. I have photos of Seals that I took in Mill Bay when they were behind some ducks. They looked very predatory and then I read that sometimes they do go after ducks. Your photo reminded me of the ones I saw.

    • really! I’ve never seen them going after anything like that?
      What I have seen the little buggers doing is trying to warn the bears! When I’m studying a bear from my boat,I sometimes hear a huge splash behind me!They want the bear to look up & see me sneaking up on them.It’s a warning by the Seal to the bear. I’m positive they’re making the loud noise to get the bears attention!

    • maybe but this stream has tons of salmon……..literally! I think they always do this but I’ve never noticed them? I’m sure they pick off the ones just about dead or already dead & floating downstream.They’d never be able to grab a fresh one! The salmon are way too quick & would never let anything get close to them.

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