It’s a full moon tonight but because of bad weather,I’m not going to see it.So I decided to post some previous moon shots. I’ve found eagles to be a excellent subject to take pictures of when the moon is rising.They’re both up in the sky.

Tonight is what they call a “Hunters” Moon.(the first full moon after a harvest moon)

19 thoughts on “FULL MOON TONIGHT

  1. fabulous photo of the moon and the eagle landing on the branch. The storm went north of us, I hope it went north of you as well.

  2. Beautiful “moon shots” – breathtaking!

    I actually got to see the Hunter’s Moon for a brief period on Saturday night…clouds were scudding past, so the moon peeked out for a moment or three – too fast for any good photos, unfortunately!

    The storm spared this little peninsula, for the most part…so things are still standing here, just a bit water-logged.

    1. I’m jealous that you got to see the full moon on Friday night.Each month I’m always looking forward to the growing moon each month.I only get a few tries each month.Than I only have 12 tries per year.A full moon (or just about) is a very special time for me.I’m always looking around for one of my eagle friends when the moon is rising.Eagles are the best subjects for a full moon.They are up high in trees so lining both up is always fun.If the moon is point “A” & the eagle is point “B”,my job is to find point “C”.A invisible spot somewhere out there on the water that I can only drift through for a few seconds. I of course go around & through many times.
      The worse is when I can’t find any of my eagle friends & the moon is perfect! When the moon rises it’s always pale.It’ll get brighter & brighter until it’s as bright as it’s going to get.(night) During this time period the moon will pass through a time window when it has a perfect contrast for about 20 to 30 minutes.This time window is when I need my eagle friends.Sometimes I can’t find anyone & that always gets my goat!
      So for the drawn out explanation.I haven’t gotten out in awhile & am chomping at the bit.

      1. LOL – sounds as if you’ve been house-bound or cabin-bound for a bit, due to the bad weather! I understand the need to get out into the sanctuary of the forests…it’s definitely relaxing.

        I was surprised that I got to see the moon at all – it was pleasant, for sure!
        The eagles definitely make great subjects, as they stand out quite well against the full moon. Walter does as well, but he probably doesn’t perch quite as high at night, eh?
        The herons in Petersburg would fly around at night, sometimes, close to the harbor – they make an interesting sound, LOL!

      1. You are. You capture lovely moments because you have fun with your vision. That’s what makes you amazing. And, you are quite welcomed. :-)

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