I like this spot.It’s at the rivers corner,so I can see upstream & downstream.When I see a bear in either direction,I paddle my canoe in that direction.While waiting for one of my furry friends to drop in for tea,I kept seeing the salmon jumping downstream! So I decided to play a game to pass the time.My goal was to get a shot of one of them jumping! I found it fairly hard! I had to basically prefocus,get the exposure & wait.I put my elbows on my knees as an in prompt bi-pod. I held the camera steady but didn’t look through the viewfinder.Instead I watched over the camera with both eyes & shot as quickly as I could when I saw one of the buggers jumping.Even than the best I could do was a tail! The amount of time we’re talking is measured in hundreds of seconds to react!


16 thoughts on “THEIR GETTING READY!

      1. yes, they come very close to the deep section of the river bank next to the walking path.. Also the seagulls are a give-a-way that they are spawning but so far only one or two seagulls and no salmon to be seen. we live close to the river so we go there frequently.

      2. than you are having a low year for salmon returns.There must be a stream watching group in your area that you could contact & ask? They would have a better idea on the numbers.

    1. yes it is but I did get into some trouble there.The current caught my canoe & forced it under a tree laying in the water & I was pinned! I had to force the canoe under & back to dislodge myself! Gave me a fright for a minute!

      1. That does sound like a scary moment and I may have to change my comment about a lovely spot. Do you often encounter these conditions? It is usually always calm when I’m out in my kayak.

      2. No,don’t change it.It’s still a beautiful spot.I wasn’t careful.The canoe is long & when I put it at 90 degrees to the current it had a lot of force against it which pushed me into that downed tree limb.

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