13 thoughts on ““LIPPY’S” HOME

    • I took that shot on the way out of Tranquil.Going in, the light was way better & I thought I had better grab the shot then but couldn’t as the time with the tide was critical.
      “Lippy” was being lazy,so he was a good study!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

    • He’s the King because he’s the only one right now.The Lions do not come to this rock at all.I have never seen a Lion here before. They normal like another rock directly south a mile out in front of Cannery bay.

      • All animals follow the food just like all humans follow the money. I have noticed lots of bait fish in the inlet right now.If they stay,so will the Lions.We haven’t had many Lions for years now. It’s only males I might add.The females are smart & head south while the boys winter it out in Cannery bay,but as I’ve said,there haven’t been many Lions for years.Meaning there hasn’t been much in the way of bait fish in the inlet for years.

      • Very true – the fish runs have changed quite a bit…Lions are seen much further up the Columbia River than they used to be, where only harbor seals usually hang out – it’s interesting to see.

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