The Stellar Sea struck a shoal up in Warn bay on Saturday.It was on a bear watching trip.I remember that day! I was up there in Fortune Channel as well looking for bears.

I remember the Stellar Sea travelling in the same direction as me.It was behind me.We were both heading northward up Fortune towards Warn bay.I remember thinking I better stay clear of her.She’s a big boat & produces a large wake.I’m in a small boat.Small boats & large wakes do not get along!  I remember coming to the northern end of where I search for bears & turning around,giving the Stellar Sea a wide berth. They continued on to the north & headed south.I guess they struck that shoal minutes later? I do not go up into Warn bay.Too far far me to go. Nobody was injured & the boat was recovered.



  1. lovely landscape and moon in these photos. Thanks for writing about what you saw, it was on the news on Saturday but they didn’t give much detail except to talk about what happened last year to the same company.

  2. I’m glad that nobody was hurt, and that the boat was recovered…but it was probably an experience that the passengers didn’t expect, and won’t soon forget.

    Small boats and large wakes do not get along, at all…that is one of the first rules on the waterways!

    • It’s fascinating how bears adapt.The bears that the bear watching boats watch do get use to the boats & so are not that skittish generally.I’ve gone into spots where these larger boats cannot go & found the bears are very skittish because they never hear or see any boats!

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