I found a new bear today! It seems to have a small white crescent patch on it’s forehead. I’ve seen something like that a few years ago when a bear stuck it’s head in a white paint can.The same thing could of happened here? It some how got some white paint on it’s head?

Not sure if it’s natural or man made? At any rate,I’ll be calling this bear “Moon”……..till it wears off at least.

Update -(Sept 30th) After reviewing my shots closely,I’m pretty sure this white is white paint.


12 thoughts on ““MOON” BEAR

    • that is a natural white streak! It looks like a crescent moon………..don’t you think? It also looks like she put her head in a paint bucket.I saw a bear a few years ago that had done just that! It could be paint again,but I don’t know?

      • I now believe it is paint after all! I reviewed the shots.I zoomed in on small spots of white & it does look like paint.Where the hell the bear came into contact with paint is another question?

      • I hope it wasn’t too close to where people live.. I’ll hold my opinion on conservation officers that respond to bear sightings.

      • trust me…….ain’t nobody up near there! A few Fish farms,but thats it. Conservations officers wouldn’t have to be the heavy if people paid attention to their attractants. I don’t think they enjoy shooting Bears,Wolves or Cougars.

      • I think that you are right about attractants being the culprit but its the animal that always pays the ultimate price, unfortunately. glad to hear that your bear with the white paint is not near anyone.

    • There are many bears around the Fortune Channel area.I have not seen her again.I don’t think she succumbed to her wounds as she was moving well but the last time I did see her,she was being chased! So she could of been attacked again & died? Only the strongest survive out there! I’m rooting for her!

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