8 thoughts on “ORPHAN ANNIE

    • her only family would be her Mother.I do not know if she had a brother or sister? No,I do not know what happened to her mother.I thought it might be Hunters,but nobody has heard any shots going off anywhere? So it must of been a male bear attacking Annie.They try to kill the cubs,so that they can get the Sow pregnant. Annie’s mother would of tried to protect her cub but she must of died from her injuries?
      I do not know………?

  1. Oh heart breakers! Photos two and three just kill me. We were doing a lot of hiking in Port Hardy, and there was fresh bear scat every five or six feet. I confess to feeling intimidated, even though I love bears inordinately. Just did the drive from McNeill to Tofino and walked Chesterman Beach at Sunset. You live in God’s special country and I am jealous. Considering hikes for tomorrow. Any recommedations for orca sightings or other wildlife? I know luck of the draw. Any suggestions?

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