I was disappointed today.I couldn’t find one of my eagle friends about! They have all flown the coup for the salmon streams.I’d love to know which streams exactly?

Streams further north spawn sooner & streams further south spawn later.Alaska starts early Summer,while streams down in Washington/Oregon start in October.

Didn’t find any of my bear friends out either,but it was near high tide so I wasn’t too surprised about that.I usually find at least one out & about,but not tonight.

Decided to take a tour around Meares island.Meares is a large local island.It has 60 miles of shore line & 22000 acres of original growth.

Nice trip but not much for wildlife tonight.



      • Probably tempting fate, but the students are a pretty decent bunch once again! All life and associated issues are there, but that is what keeps it interesting…
        Change of theme tomorrow, can’t keep posting summer highlights, but there is one more of those to come, featuring a certain Zodiac trip – it was such a highlight – but just the wildlife spotted (and maybe that bottle from Tofino brewing!)

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