This female cub has done well during the summer for food.It’s put on a lot of weight!

I’m naming it “Zofie”.Which is Greek for life & energy.


11 thoughts on ““ZOFIE”

      • no, I meant is that near ocean? I wondered when I saw the sow drinking water if there was a fresh water creek flowing into the ocean.

      • wow! I thought that salt water wasn’t good for animals but silly question, could she be getting salt from the ocean like a mountain goat would get salt from a mineral lick?

      • no,I think they get enough salt from just eating the baby crabs.I had no idea what she was doing? She almost looked like she wanted to go for a swim.There was a fish farm near by & the mort float (dead salmon) might of been giving off a scent? She did seem intent on sniffing the air at that moment.

      • dead salmon would do it.. we have a salmon run in the Cowichan River and people have to watch their dogs to keep them from eating the dead salmon or rolling in them. Thanks for the explanation regarding this bear.

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