I was lucky tonight! I finally  got to see Ernie & Ethel’s new eaglet! Eagles have a interesting technique to help fully fledge eaglets. They normally feed the eaglet in the nest when it’s very young.Then when it gets larger,they make it come to them.First right beside the nest,then further down the limb & then to another tree. Finally when it’s almost fully fledged they leave the tree totally & go down to the ground further away.Thats what they are doing in this shot.

This eaglet will be called “Erin”.



12 thoughts on “ERNIE & ETHEL’S EAGLET “ERIN”

  1. Found your beautiful photos and blog post thanks to Sally Cronin. Last week, a bald eagle flew overhead in my backyard. I snapped a photo on my phone (a blurry photo). They are so majestic. And I’m glad my fur baby wasn’t out on the lawn.

    • the young eagles appear larger than their mother & father. If that is true,than that means as they grow older they grow smaller.So I suspect the dark colours make them “appear” larger.When they are not in reality.

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