I believe this is one of the bear buddies? He was by himself,so I assume they must of had a fight? Bears always swipe at the face.This guy got off easy with his injury.His eye wasn’t injured,just the skin above was.



8 thoughts on “ATTACKED

    • he got into a fight with another bear,but I do not know who? Bears are not very territorial. Eagles,Wolves & Cougars are. Bears do not want competition around a food source.They will roam a 100 sq klm area. Eagles will physically escort any intruder out of their territory immediately!

      • Bears in Alaska are very territorial – they mark trees where they roam, to keep other bears out.

        I have also seen eagles, crows, and ravens forcefully get rid of intruders – they do it pretty efficiently!

      • Bears use tree marking as a means of judging who’s top dog.If a bigger bear comes along & can reach higher,the other bear will give way to that bear & that area. I have one close to my cabin.”Leah” put it there last year.

      • Yes – I’ve seen that behavior up close and personal, myself.
        It is marking territory.
        I grew up around wild animals, and have watched them closely all of my life…

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