I came across a young female bear tonight that had a significant scar across her right rear hindquarters! Obviously done by another bear. Bears are constantly attacking each other! I stayed with “Scar” for about 30 minutes & said goodbye.As I was heading away,I looked over my shoulder & saw her running for her life! She was being chased by another bear that was attacking her! They both disappeared very quickly into the dense forest.My heart went out to “Scar”.She seemed like a nice bear but nervous & always looking around………..& with good reason it would appear! I will keep my eye out for her from now on.


4 thoughts on ““SCAR’S” SCAR

    • They do move about.Sometimes I won’t see a particular bear for a year or so? I always wonder where do they go.They generally hang around if there is food.I did feel for her as well.Life as a bear must be very hard……..especially with a foot long scar!

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