Came across “Orphan Annie” today. I was following another bear (Maple) when I noticed that it had noticed something up ahead that made it freeze in it’s tracks! I looked ahead & saw little “Orphan Annie” out on a gravelled beach totally unaware that we both were watching it! “Maple” being a good female bear didn’t want to disturb the little one & decided to go into the bush & go around,but made noise while doing so & spooked Annie who then made a bee line into the bush to hide!

I have no idea what happened to “Orphan Annie’s” mother? She obviously had to of been killed.Either by another bear or by a hunter?


4 thoughts on ““ORPHAN ANNIE”

    • very good question……outright………..I do not know? I have read of Sows with cubs doing that,but suspect that is the exception? My smart girlfriend asked me the very same question last night! I wasn’t sure myself? If it happens,it’s not happening very often.
      Because these are wild animals,we’re not around to observe them.Each bear has a unique personality just like you or I. Most female bears might pass on adoption but another might do it? I’ve heard of a Sow who’s cub was shot.She was in mourning & came across a orphan cub.She adopted it & both survived!
      Short answer…..yes I suspect that does happen,but cannot prove it.

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